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Brushless DC motors

Brushless DC motor technology offer several advantages including high torque to weight ratio, increased efficiency and reliability, reduced noise and longer lifetime compared to brushed DC motors. The Delta Line portfolio offers a wide variety of high quality BLDC motors technologies such as Slotted, Slotless, Flat, Frameless and low voltage motors. Our brushless DC motors offer high torque density and high volume capabilities and all of our models are customizable to answer any of your specific requirements.

Brushless DC motors

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BLDC Slotted motors
Thanks to the reduced air gap in brushless DC slotted motors, the flux density is higher and torque production is more effective and efficient.
BLDC Slotless motors
The self supported rotor of our slotless brushless DC motors, allows them to deliver high speed and acceleration.
BLDC motors with Encoder
BLDC motors with Encoder increase the motion precision allowing the drive to know the position (or the speed) of the motor in real time.
BLDC Flat motors
The specific external rotor design gives these products an exceptional power to volume ratio, while keeping them very light and compact.
BLDC Flat motors with Encoder
Flat BLDC servo motors increase the motion precision allowing the drive to know the position (or the speed) of the motor in real time.
BLDC Frameless motors
Frameless BLDC motors, allow for maximum integration with your assembly by eliminating the need for additional mounting supports.

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